• Education & Cultural Center

    The North Alexander School will add to the beauty and legacy of Washington-Wilkes and will be a catalyst for educational and cultural opportunities, exploration and expression. Help us build a better Washington-Wilkes.

  • NASA: Our Vision

    To foster community enrichment and development and to improve the quality of life and place in Washington-Wilkes and the region.

  • The North Alexander School: History

    In the late 1800s, Georgia began emphasizing more widespread public education and in 1896 funded the North Alexander School building, designed by the renowned architect R.H. Hunt.


Restoring C ommunity

The North Alexander School Association (locally known as "NASA") is helping build a better Washington-Wilkes by restoring the historic North Alexander School as a regional education and cultural center.

When the restoration is complete, the School will add to the beauty and legacy of Washington-Wilkes and will be a catalyst for:

  • Cultural opportunity, exploration and expression
  • Individual growth and development through education
  • Economic growth

Substantial fund-raising and renovations remain, but the School will offer educational classes and courses; history, art and other exhibits; cultural and arts programs and activities; and exhibit space. The ultimate goals of NASA are to enhance Washington's quality of life and place, to foster creativity and education, and to better position Washington-Wilkes for intellect, industry, and investment.

A bit of history

Built in 1897, the School was designed by noted architect R.H. Hunt and is a contributing component on the National Register of Historic Places. It was a public school until the early 1970's.

Help us Restore the School